In addition to our ready-made pre-framed canvases we also float frame shows (five or more artworks on canvas) for Australian artists. This service is perfect if:

  • You have an upcoming show and need your body of work framed professionally for exhibition.

  • You are preparing for an art fair such as The Other Art Fair or the Affordable Art Fair and want your work to stand out.

  • You are releasing a new series online and would like to present your work as a finished product.

  • You want to frame unsold work from your stockroom to give it a new life.

  • You have a personal collection/gallery wall that you would like framed with a consistent look.

Please note we do not offer custom framing for individual pieces and we no longer frame works on paper or works behind glass. To learn more about our custom framing services or to request a quote please fill out the form on this page.


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Custom framing of 'Into the Beat' by artist Eva Beltran for Michael Reid Northern Beaches: